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Practices Areas

Corporations, Civil and Limited Liability Companies

Our team offers customized solutions, tailored to the client´s needs. We focus on understanding the project as a whole and provide a detailed recommendation on how to reduce potential threats and enhance their strengths. Panamanian corporations continue to be a helpful asset due to their swiftness, costs and versatile nature.

Migration and Naturalization Processes

Looking for work, family relocation, or investment management? Different reasons may require a prolonged stay in Panama. In the face of constant evolution of Panamanian migratory laws, our team is in the forefront, with proven experience in obtaining visas, permanent or temporary residency permits, as well as naturalization processes for those seeking Panamanian citizenship. We focus on identifying the most attractive options for each client, comparing the benefits of each, and once the best alternative is found, accompany the client from start to finish.

Labor Law

Our aim is to guide our clients to build on the foundations for optimal work relations, driven by principles of order, respect and worker justice; with a complete understanding of the duties and obligations of each party. Our team provides legal services on drafting and applying work contracts, rules of procedure, advice on work terminations, guidelines on remote work regulations and implementation, work contracts, conciliations, plus innovative solutions to different work related situations the company may require.

Branding, Patents and Copyright

Intangible assets? The value of ideas is of great importance in this era of information. Entrepreneurship, innovation, technological startups, and New Economy businesses looking to stay cutting edge, the need to protect the brand, patents and creations, is our main concern. We guide our clients throughout the process of protecting their rights in the face of third parties, obtaining the distinction and competitive edge that gives their business an added value.

Private Interest Foundations and Estate Planning

Panamanian legislation offers a unique tool, attractive and ideal for estate planning and the protection of assets, the Private Interest Foundation. This structure has consolidated in recent years as a popular option among our foreign and domestic clients, since it permits the founder, in an orderly, intelligent and strategic manner, to make decisions about their assets, enabling them to arrange their estate in an efficient and structured way, though a private and confidential regulation, obtaining through it the security and peace of mind of having done things right.

Legal Proceedings and Conflict Resolution

Our team manages legal process of every kind, supported by professionals with expertise in civil, commercial, and family law, in any situation or forum, as part of a lawsuit or in defense of legal action. Each case is analyzed broadly, in depth and pragmatically, in order to establish the best strategy and course of action, with the objective of giving the client the best legal defense and guaranteeing due process, to ensure the desired outcome.

Civil and Commercial Contracts

Our team understands that each business is unique, therefore, we prepare contracts tailored to our client´s needs. Regardless of their nature, our objective consists in drafting and revising documentation to remove any room for interpretation. Hence, allowing our clients to focus on the thorough fulfilment of their objectives.


The simple mentioning of taxes can result in a headache for many individuals. But how about the mentioning of deductibles and tax incentives? Having a proper tax planning in the opportune moment may be key to alleviating your yearly tax burden. Our firm assesses which taxes you are required to pay, as well as the benefits and incentives that the tax law grants, directing you as to the correct implementation of controls that will allow you to efficiently fulfill tax obligations required of businesses in Panama.

Data Protection

Our team provides guidance in how to manage data in compliance with the Panamanian Data Protection Law. Regardless of the company´s economic activity, we elaborate a detailed analysis and procedures on data management in accordance to law.

Real estate Evaluation

Our team has a broad experience in the real estate procedures and negotiation. Services include title and property investigation, taxes, statement of no balance “Paz y Salvo”, and drafting contracts. We assist property developers in both residential and comercial projects.

Legal Consulting

At Fuentes & Harris our aim is to establish long-lasting relations with our clients, accompanying them as their business grows. Our services are not limited to punctual processes. Our aim is to be an integral resource regarding all types of legal issues encountered by individuals or businesses, and new, or experienced entrepreneurs. Whether it be legal counsel before making important decisions, as a guide for growth and order within businesses, or the preparation and provisioning for future events; if you have questions, we have answers.